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What Diabetes Supplies and Devices Do I Need?

Buy Diabetes Medications And Supplies Online. You’re back home from the doctor and the news is starting to sink in: You’ve got diabetes and need to get your blood sugar levels under control. As you wrap your mind around the changes you have to make, spend a little time scoping out the devices and supplies that help keep your disease in check. Each of them plays a different role in managing diabetes and preventing complications.

Your doctor may suggest you take insulin to keep your blood sugar levels from getting too high. It’s a hormone that an organ called the pancreas makes to help you use or store sugar in the foods you eat.

If you have type 1 diabetes, your pancreas has stopped making insulin. If you have type 2 diabetes, the organ makes insulin, but your body doesn’t use it right.

Your doctor may recommend one of several types of insulin:

  • Rapid-acting
  • Regular or short-acting
  • Intermediate-acting
  • Long-acting

Each works differently based on how long they take to start working, when they reach maximum strength, and how long they last.

There are a few strengths of insulin, but the most common is U-100 (100 units per milliliter of fluid). You’ll need to inject insulin from one to four times a day, depending on what your doctor suggests.

You can do this with a syringe, which draws a dose of insulin from a bottle. Or you can use an insulin pen, which is either prefilled or has an insertable cartridge. There is also a type of insulin that you inhale.

Instead of shots, your doctor may suggest an insulin pump. It continuously gives you short- or rapid-acting insulin. You’ll still need to test your blood sugar levels, but you may find a pump helps you control them better.

Insulin pumps are small, and you can easily attach one to your waistband, sock, or underwear. It’s connected to a thin tube known as a catheter, which you put under your skin with a needle.

The catheter regularly delivers insulin from the pump in small doses that are programmed and vary throughout the day and night. You’ll also press a button on the pump to give yourself insulin in another larger dose

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