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Buy Lovastatin Online. Advicor is a prescription drug with an extended-release Niacin and Lovastatin combination. Niacin (nicotinic acid and vitamin B3) is found in your normal diet and is important for various chemical reactions in your body. Lovastatin is called an HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor or simply a statin. Together, Niacin/Lovastatin can help to bring down your cholesterol and triglyceride levels and avoid the risk of heart disease or atherosclerosis.

High cholesterol levels can be hereditary, but are often caused by eating fatty foods, excessive alcohol consumption and a lack of exercise. It is important to reduce high cholesterol, as it can affect the circulatory system, leading to clogged arteries and coronary artery disease.

Advicor Reduces Bad Cholesterol and Triglycerides

By increasing Niacin, your cholesterol and triglyceride levels decrease possibly by reducing protein production that transports cholesterol and triglycerides in your blood. Lovastatin is commonly referred to as a statin drug that works by inhibiting the HMG-CoA reductase, an enzyme in your liver that is needed for producing cholesterol. These actions, and a healthy diet with exercise, will help reduce the excess cholesterol in your body.

What is Cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fat your liver produces that is essential for: building and maintaining cell membranes; the production of hormones released by your adrenal glands; producing bile; insulating nerve fibers; and converting sunshine into vitamin D, and more. Cholesterol levels are thought to be one of the best ways to determine a person’s overall health, with high cholesterol levels signifying low health.

Atherosclerosis, a type of arteriosclerosis, can occur when you have a buildup of fats, cholesterol, and other matter (collectively called plaques) that impair your normal blood flow. If any of these materials break away or burst, a blood clot can travel through your arteries and cause a heart attack, stroke, or a pulmonary embolism, depending where the clot comes to rest.

Before You Take Advicor

Tell your doctor if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are breast-feeding as Advicor may be harmful to your unborn or nursing baby. Discuss other medical conditions or allergies you have and any OTC or Rx medication you are currently taking, including herbal remedies and vitamin supplements so your doctor can determine if Advicor is the right drug for you.

Advicor Precautions

Because Advicor is an extended-release formula, you should not crush or chew the tablet as this could result in too much medication being released into your system at one time. Until you know how your body will react to taking Advicor, do not drive or participate in activities that require you to be alert.

Possible Side Effects of Advicor

  • Diarrhea
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness

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