Terms of Sale And Conditions

Terms of Sale And Conditions

The goods and services (the “Products”) that NorthWestOnlineStore.com offers to you (the “Customer”) are subject to the terms and conditions listed below (the “Terms”). Customer accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms and the Customer Agreement by placing an order for Products.

  1. Other Documents.

A purchase order from the customer or another comparable document from the customer cannot be used to modify, supplement, or amend these terms. Unless otherwise agreed to in a written agreement signed by both Customer and NorthWestOnlineStore.com, any attempt by Customer to modify, add to, or amend this agreement or to place an order for Products that is subject to extra or modified terms and conditions will be void. The Terms may be modified at any moment by NorthWestOnlineStore.com without previous notice.

Governing Law.

In the absence of a decision to the contrary by NorthWestOnlineStore.com in its sole discretion, these Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the country from which Products are supplied to Customer. Unless NorthWestOnlineStore.com chooses to do otherwise in its sole discretion, any disputes, disagreements, or claims arising out of or related to these Terms shall be submitted to and subject to the jurisdiction of the courts in the country from where Products are sent to Customer. In order for any suit, action, or procedure arising out of or related to these Terms to be fully adjudicated or determined, the parties submit and attorn to the exclusive jurisdiction of said courts.

Privacy Policy.

The customer agrees to the collecting and use of personal information as outlined in our privacy statement, which is available on the NorthWestOnlineStore.com website, by placing an order for goods and services from us. NorthWestOnlineStore.com retains the right to periodically update its privacy policy and display the new version on its website. Each time they place an order for goods or services, customers agree to read the privacy statement.

Shipping Charges; Taxes.
Separate charges for shipping and handling will be shown on an invoice(s). If applicable, Customer is responsible for goods and services tax, sales and any other taxes associated with the order. If applicable, a separate charge for taxes will be shown on the invoice.
Return Policy.

Within 14 days of receiving the products, unopened products up to a $500 value may be returned for a full refund when sent using a national postal service. When shipped by a national postal service within 14 days of receipt of the Products, opened products up to a $500 value may be returned for an account credit equivalent 50% of the value of the Products. Under this policy, the original shipping charge and the cost of the return shipping are not refundable or creditable. Only after receiving the returned Products at the designated NorthWestOnlineStore.com address will a refund or credit be issued. This policy does not permit the refund or credit of orders for custom order items.